It’s summer, that time of the year we all have been waiting for ( especially if you are living in Quebec ). We know you want to have fun and enjoy those few months of hot weather, whether you’ll be spending summer in Montreal or in another city, we’ve come up with awesome activities to keep you occupied this summer. Here are 10 things to do this summer.

1. Organise a summer picnic at your local park or botanical gardens. Make it simple, just ask everyone to bring a dish to share.

2. Go to the museum or art gallery. Learn something new and get inspired.

3. Attend an outdoor festival. Nothing beats the experience of live music.

4. Go camping. Apparently, it can help you live a longer, healthier life.

5. Go to an open mic night. Sometimes it has no cover and cheap drinks.

 things to do this summer

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6. The beach, even if it is artificial, go with your friends, bring music food and party!

7. Karaoke nights. If you haven’t done so yet, get on it. It is so much fun!

8. A spa day. Treat yourself with a day of relaxation and pure bliss.

9. Outdoor movie nights. Sit back, breath fresh air and enjoy the movie.

10. Outdoor workouts. You get to breathe in cleaner air and get a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Let’s share. What are you planning to do this summer?

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