When you are working on being a better person, achieving your goals or working towards a new business venture, you must surround yourself with people who value and support you. Being with like-minded people or with people who are better than you challenges you to develop yourself, step over your fears and open your mind to creativity. If you stick with people who are not ambitious, who are doing the same boring things over and over again, just because that’s what they know best, then believe  me, you will end up just the same. Unhappy!

3 Reasons Why You Need New Friends

Too much negativity in this world

Whether you turn on the radio, the Internet or television, I bet that the first thing you hear is negative news. We are so affected by what goes on around us, the media is constantly filling us up with dramatic events. You don’t need more negative energy when speaking with your friends. Although you should stay informed with what is going on in the world, find friends with whom you can have a constructive conversation.

3 Reasons Why You Need New Friends

To increase your network

Meeting ”interesting” new people is so important for your professional and personal development. Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, networking is everything. It increases your chances of employment, your contact list and can help improve your business. Unless you are all going in the same direction, you need to meet people you don’t know, people who know things you don’t know. You will end up connecting with people you would have otherwise never met. And you never know who your new friends know.

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You need more positivity

If your friends are constantly complaining and yapping about things they don’t want to do or regret not doing, you need new friends. Keep in mind that your inner circle should speak to the best of you, support you and bring value to your life. Don’t be friends with just anyone, relationships take time and energy. Wouldn’t you want to use it constructively? By surrounding yourself with positive people, you will unconsciously begin to be more optimistic and attract positive things.

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5 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Need New Friends”

  1. couldn’t agree more on this – it’s always great to make new friends. Please make a guide on how to make new friends in real life haha. I’m quite shy and I find it hard to do!!

  2. I love this! I am all for growing my network of friends…everybody you meet knows something you don’t and if they can become a friend, you get the bonus of everything they know and have experienced! Your reasons are spot on :). I definitely have to share this one :).

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