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Shopping for a car can be very exciting. Last Tuesday, my sister and I went to a Honda dealership in Laval. I was not enthusiastic at first because I don’t know anything about cars. However, our visit turned out to be interesting. At one point I felt a little bit intimidated because the seller was trying to impress us with all of these expensive cars that was out of my sister’s budget. I didn’t know what type of questions to ask, so I let my sister take the lead and realized that her questions were straight to the point.

3 simple questions when buying a used ca

Buying a new car takes planning and research to find the one that’s best for you.I’ve outlined 5 simple questions to help you get started and show confidence when shopping for a car.

1. How many miles are on the odometer?

The value of the car if determined by its mileage. A car with a high kilometers/mileage tends to be expensive. You can do a research on cars.com to determine the approximate price of a car on the market. You’ll need to have the make and model, the approximate miles and zip code to narrow your search.

2. Who was the last owner? 

By knowing the type person who used to own the car, you can have an idea of its condition and usage. For example, if an adolescent or young adult owned the car. It’s safe to say that they probably used the car more often than an elderly or retired person.

3. Can I have the car expected?

Only ask this question once you’re 90% sure that you want to buy the car. This question will nudge the seller that you’re serious about buying the car and that you just need one last check up. Using the inspection report, you can bargain on the price if there are minor repairs that need to be done.

There are tons of other questions to ask when shopping for a car. But I think you should at least start with these 3 basic questions.

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