Now that you have created your Facebook Page, you’re expecting your fans to like and engage with your content every time you post. However, it takes time to get need to have strategies and tools to help you increase your reach and engagement on Facebook. In this article, I’m sharing 3 simple ways to increase your Facebook engagement without spending a dime.
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1.Facebook Audience Optimization
Admins with Facebook Pages over 100 fans can target updates based on age, gender, relationship, position, post end date, etc. It will allow you to tell Facebook who should not see your post.
To target your posts without spending a dime requires you to select the option Allow preferred audience selection and the ability to restrict the audience for your posts. ( See the image below ).
The targeting icon will appear at the bottom left of the publisher. As such, when you post updates for a specific niche,only targeted group will see your post.

5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement Without Spending a Dime

Facebook takes hundreds of factors into account in their algorithm to determine whether someone will like engage with your Facebook content. This strategy will help Facebook’s algorithm determine the right target for your posts.
2.Post Regularly 
For the most part, you’ll probably reach people within an hour or two of your post if you make a single post. To make the most impact, you should post at least 1-2 times (more if your audience is engaging with your brand and if you have more content to share). However, don’t spam your fans by posting too much within a day.
To know when you should post on your page, if you have over 30 fans, simply go to your Facebook Insights, to access the tab when you fans are online.
More tips :
  • Post at peak times to reach more people. Plan your posts accordingly.
  • Involve your fans in your decision process by asking questions.
  • If you really want to start up a conversation, ask for their opinion in relation to something slightly controversial!

    3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement Without Spending a Dime-mlle parker

3.Respond to Comments
Go the extra mile for your fans, go beyond just liking their comments. Respond to their comments, even if it’s just a like on your post.
Some examples of responses :
  • Thank your commenting. We appreciate it.
  • What did you like about this post?
  • Thanks and have a great day.
  • Any ideas of what our next blog post should be about?
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