In the digital world of social media, things change rapidly and constantly, but the for sake of your business, it is important that you keep up and know what is working at that moment and what the future trends might be. We’re now in 2016 and many social media platforms have made changes to their website/app while new social media platforms are entering the space.

Here are some social media marketing trends that are expected to dominate in 2016.

Buy Buttons

Facebook and Pinterest recently introduced new “buy” features that allow users to buy a product directly from a sponsored post without ever leaving the app. This is great news for advertisers and is yet another incentive to utilize social media marketing. Instagram may be next in line to implement a similar feature.

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Live Updates will become more popular

Audiences love live feed which is why app such as Periscope and Snapchat are growing so rapidly. In the past, majority of the posts on social media were of past events or moments which could be edited and filtered and viewed at any time. Snapchat, Periscope and other in the moment apps only allow the content to remain for a specific amount of time before it disappears. This creates a sense of urgency that makes users more active on the platform and which businesses should definitely take advantage of.

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Private groups

Another trend that we expect to see is increased user privacy and only time will tell what else emerges this year. On Facebook and LinkedIn, we’re already starting to see an increase in private groups. People are seeing more value from the platform when using the private groups that they’re part of. As social media continues to change and evolve, those who are able to stay ahead of the curve will win in this digital age.

Pay to be seen

It is already happening but social networks will start charging for traffic more than before. The only way brands can ensure they generate a decent amount of traffic is through advertising. You are  encouraged to plan a monthly budget for to boost your posts if you want to get the maximum amount of traffic.


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