The 2015 TEDx Montreal Women went above and beyond my expectation. It was my 1st time attending a TEDx event and like everyone else in the room, I left inspired to pursue my dreams and discovered amazing speaker.

Here are a few lessons learned from 4 of the TEDx Montreal Women speakers :

Lesson 1
Finding Your Life Purpose – Lynn Rheault, Osteopathic Practitioner

Finding your life purpose starts by asking yourself these two questions : what makes me happy ? , what are the things that I excel at ?, what dreams do I have ?. ”I know it is possible to overcome our past and to find our true self and to make it happen, and when you hear the call, listen to it. By listening to it, you might be frighten, but when you listen, the universe will conspire. If you choose your path, you will flourish and create a better world. Nature always finds a way to blossom. Get ready for that great adventure. ” says Lynn Rheault.

Lesson 2
Do it Yourself Health Revolution to prevent cancer – Vincent W. Li, scientist and physician 

1 ) Don’t get overnight shift. Sleep at least 7 hours a night.
2) Don’t read from a tablet or cell phone before bedtime.Power down the device before going to sleep.
3) Exercise, after 30 minutes of moderate workout natural cancer suppressors goes up.
4) Drink one glass of red wine a day.
5) Don’t cut off the stems of the broccoli. It’s the most valuable part of the vegetable.
6) Eat a lot of vegetables
7) Drink green tea

Via TEDx Montreal Women
Via TEDx Montreal Women

Lesson 3
Investing in women – Jennifer Lonergan
When women of Africa are empowered, life expectancy increases, HIV transmission and child mortality are reduced. When we invest in women, we get an immediate return on our investment. There are so many women out there dying for the things we take for granted. Dare to care for others, dare to make a difference in the life of other women.

Lesson 4
The power of mindfulness – Charity Bryant, Trained Mindfulness

Meditation has been proven to increase life span. Our thoughts and our emotions have a direct impact on our physical and mental health. That is why when we are nervous, stress or angry we can’t think straight, we go blank. When we practice mindfulness, we are regulating the nervous system that helps us make better decisions. Meditation has been proven to increase life span.

Which of these lessons do you like the most ?

3 thoughts on “4 Lessons Learned at TEDx Montreal Women”

  1. I love watching Ted Talks! I’ve never attended a live event but I’m sure like you I would be inspired and ready to take on the world. My favorite is lesson #1. My purpose is to empower women through my words, my voice and my story. Knowing what you were put on earth to do is such a rewarding feeling. I’ll be sure to add attend a live Ted Talk to my bucket list. Great post! #BLMgirls

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