The first real question is: Is there a specific age to start a business? I am no guru here and I know there are many young gifted individuals out there that have been very successful in their businesses and they did not start at the age of 30 obviously.

However, in this Forbes Article it states and I agree “To become very successful, as in billion-dollar entrepreneurs, there seems to be two “best” ages. One age is influenced by the opportunity. The other depends on your readiness.” 

I can only speak for myself and I have found, although I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset since I know I existed, my 20’s were a test and now in my 30’s it’s the real deal.  I think starting a business at 30+ is amazing:

At 30+ you have established your personality and it is yours.

To run a business you have to have your own opinion, your vision and a personality.  This is your gig and not anyone else’s. At the age of 30, I found that at that point you should have established this and you are ready to go.

At 30+ you are not afraid to ask for help.
If you are 30 something you are not too old or too young.  You should easily be open-minded for youngsters and older generations to inspire your thoughts.
At 30+ you are not afraid to take chances.
You did that in your 20’s and hopefully learned from all the decisions good or bad that you made.  Now at 30 something, you understand what the potential issues could be and therefore you take the leap and just go for it. This is what running a business is all about!


At 30+ you understand the meaning of “handwork”
Your first job was probably when you were 16 or 18. The point is by the time you are in your 30’s you get it. You have to work hard to earn and all this is still true when you run business. Putting the work, the passion, the motivation to run a business in your 30’s is great. It’s a sense of freedom in a way because you know who you are, what you want and don’t want. You are the only artist to your canvas and it’s amazing. 
Can you think of any other reasons?

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