Many people believe in the idea that your level of confidence is a part of your individual personality. However, this would suggest that confidence cannot be improved or built within an individual and this is simply not true. Although confidence issues do have the ability to follow us around like an annoying shadow, they are not able to haunt the entirety of your life, if you learn how to fight back. Here are 4 steps to building self confidence.

Confidence can be achieved by anyone who is willing to dedicate the time and effort required to improve their lives. So whether you’re someone who has just recently had a knock to their confidence, or someone who struggled with self-confidence from an early age, try our 4 easy confidence building steps and experience a happier and stronger you.

Organisation and Preparation

Organising both your living and work space can help promote a de-cluttered mind and decrease stress levels. Organisation will also play a key role in helping you become prepared for those life changing moments — such as that final exam, first job interview or big business presentation — just as much as your every day life. Preparation and organisation allows you to enter almost any situation with the self belief you need to become a confident and successful person.

4 Steps to Building Self Confidence

Do Things for You

We are influenced by the opinions and judgments of others more often than we would dare to admit. Whether it is something as simple as your friend not liking the dress you tried on, or something much more meaningful. The opinions of others often hold us back and govern our lives. So instead, start doing things for yourself. Take an evening class and learn a new skill, or finally make that huge dream career change. This feeling of taking control of your life will help build self-esteem and drive you to find your true and best self.

Fight Self-doubt

It is common knowledge that we are each our own harshest critic. Thoughts of self-doubt and self loathing are so natural to the human mind that we rarely question the little voice which tells us “we’re stupid”, “we’re fat” and “can’t do this”; it simply becomes our natural way of thinking. However, this is neither a healthy nor happy way to live. The only way to stop the destruction caused by these negative ideas is to fight back. Start by replacing all negative thoughts and feelings about yourself with more positive ones. The more you say these positive statements, the more you will start to believe them.


The last of the steps will help your new-found confidence grow over time. In a daily journal, document your achievements and all the moments in which you were truly happy. Bookmark your favourite entries; this will give you something inspirational and motivational to look back on in times of need. The journal will also motivate you to seek new experiences and aspire to more life goals.

8 thoughts on “4 Steps to Building Self Confidence”

  1. It is so true that often times we allow the opinions of others to govern our lives without realizing how much power we have within ourselves to take control. Self-confidence is a feeling that everyone should have. It is our way of saying that we have value and love ourselves enough to share that value with the people around us. Thanks for the reminder! xo #BLMGirl

  2. Such good points, Samantha! I, for one, am incredibly hard on myself. I’ve recently decided this year that I needed to extend myself some grace and to think more positively about myself. So far so good. I also like the idea of writing out your happy moments in a journal. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. Thanks for that reminder!

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