Being a writer can be simple and extremely difficult at the same time. Women especially may find it difficult sometimes as we try to tie our emotions into our writing or become sentimental about the results. There is also the dreaded writer’s block when we can’t seem to think of anything else to say.

If you want to become a faster and better writer, here are a few tips to follow :

Write an outline

This is a major step that may bloggers and writers in general, tend to skip. It may actually be the cause of the writer’s block. An outline is very easy to do. You simply write the main idea or first line of each chapter/section from the begging to the end of the piece. It’s even better if you can break your outline down into paragraphs. Once you do this, writing becomes much easier before you already know what you are going to write about in detail. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll be able to finish writing a few blog posts.

Be as specific as possible

People retain 90% of visual content. Give your reader enough specifics to visualize what you are trying to say. Whether you’re writing short stories, scripts or speeches. Try to use at least 1 powerful image to put the reader in your shoes.

4 Tips To Help You become a better writer

 When writing, disconnect from the rest of the world

Writing is an intimate activity. Before your writing session eliminate all possible distractions like your phone, social media, people living with you, emails ect… You should maintain total privacy between you and your work. Even though writing is fun and artsy, it requires discipline and consistency to master it.

 Learn as much as you write

As a writer it’s important that you constantly surround yourself with inspiration to write. You can do this by reading, watching videos on YouTube, having conversions with interesting people and even just getting out there in the midst of nature. Become a learning machine so that you can have a wealth of knowledge to draw from when it’s time to start writing.

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→ What other tips would you add ?

14 thoughts on “4 Tips To Help You become a better writer”

  1. I used to hate writing with an outline because I felt it was a waste of time, but the more and more I had to write papers for school, I learned that it really helped me frame and organize my thoughts. Great tips

  2. GREAT tips – it’s SO frustrating when you feel like you’ve hit a block and aren’t improving or creating. I love learning and growing and becoming better with each post. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I would agree that it’s so important to disconnect from the world. It’s also great to learn as much as you write. I spend a lot of time researching my topics before hitting the publish button. Thanks for the great tips!

  4. Learn as much as you write — my favorite one! I think this is so very important. You have to keep learning to continue to be successful in anything that you do! Great post!

  5. Writing blogs is an important aspect in having a business. Some people have a flair or facility with words. The topic should relate to your audience.
    Have someone edit if possible. Good tips.

  6. I love this. I am a blogger, but just started writing a novel in November. Another tip I would say is just WRITE! You can always edit and erase later, but you have to start. I have wanted to write a novel for YEARS but never did because I couldn’t get out of my head and just do it. Once I started writing the words started flowing.

  7. Great reminders! As a blogger who’s always been more focused on the photography part, these are great tips. Definitely going to try writing an outline for my next post. Thanks for sharing!

  8. As a blogger i find that I always have content to share Its THE HOW that matters though coz thats how your audience will connect with your message. Its practical to find a quiet space and get things done, to keep your focus on point. Always learning is my motto and anything can become a blog topic wit a slant :). Thanks for sharing these tips on how to become a better writer.

  9. Write every day! I blog 3x a week on our site and I write every single day. I just looked at our editorial calendar and have created 26 posts in the first 26 days of January. The only way to become good at something is to practice.

  10. I love how you point out how you have to be willing to put yourself out into the world to gain knowledge for writing, but you also have to be willing to retreat from it in order to do any good. Really well written article with plenty of helpful tips, well done!

  11. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips! As a blogger it’s so hard to come up with creative and new content consistently. Writers block is a familiar ailment, this is great advice to get back to the basics of writing. Making an outline can be so helpful, but something I don’t always do. Thanks for sharing!

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