We are all familiar with the compulsory components of every modern day women’s beauty regimen, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. But do you know that there are beauty regimen essentials that you must do, regularly? Our understanding of the importance of these steps has resulted in them becoming embedded in our lives. They leave us feeling clean, preen and ready to face each day with confidence. But what about the beauty regimen essentials which we are not so commonly educated on? Are they missing from our daily routines because we feel they are some sort of industry marketing ploy?

To help answer these questions, we have compiled a list of the beauty essentials your current regimen is probably missing. You will notice that we are not recommending any products in this post, all because we didn’t want to promote one product over another. We will live it up to you to find the best product you need.


Facial serums have long been raved about within the beauty industry, but what do they do? And more importantly, do they work? The answer is yes. The right facial serum will likely achieve all and more of the things promised by your current moisturizer. A serum being typically thinner in consistency can penetrate the skin more effectively. Your moisturizer is simply designed to lock in your serum and protect your skin from the elements.

Eye Cream

It is not commonly known that the skin around your eye area is much thinner to that of the rest of your face. This means this area requires a moisturizer specifically designed for its individual needs. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t use a body cream on your face, so why would you use a regular face moisturizer around your eyes? The right eye cream can help reduce fine lines, soothe and hydrate leaving your eyes looking less puffy and more awake.



Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash Curlers can be considered a rather scary looking beauty utensil, especially to use so close to our most delicate facial feature. However this little contraption can make your lashes look longer and make your eyes appear more open. To prove my theory, try using an eyelash curler everyday for a week. I almost guarantee you won’t be able to live without one after.


If you find that every day your makeup has almost vanished by the time your lunch hour comes around, then it’s time to invest in a primer. Primers are applied to the skin before makeup. It creates a smooth and flawless base which your makeup can stick to, meaning that anything applied on top will look more natural and won’t slide off or around your face throughout the day.

Lip Liner

Someone once asked me was there any real purpose to lip liner, or was it simply one of those over the top make-up trends? Lip liners can be worn alone all over the lips to create a more natural finish, or they can be used under lipstick to increase its longevity. They can also enhance the shape of your lips, whilst also preventing your favourite bold shades from bleeding.

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