Being single can be so much fun.The time we have alone is vital to the discovery of ourselves, happiness and personal growth. The ideology and importance of finding true love are presented to us from an early age and is reinforced by society. So whether you have just recently come out of a relationship or you have been a free spirit for a while, take a look at 5 things to enjoy while being single.

Reconnect with Yourself

When we’re part of a couple, a vast amount of our time, energy and thoughts go towards building a stronger and happier relationship. This can often result in us forgetting or even changing our own individuality to suit our partners. However this is neither healthy for you, or for future relationships. So take this time reconnect with yourself and understand your values, ideals and dreams — by doing so you will emerge a more confident person. Enjoy Being Single!

More Time for the Special People in your Life

Whether we intend to or not, we can often neglect the other special people in our lives when we are stuck in the moment of romance. However the relationships we build with our friends and family are some the most precious and long lasting. Set aside some time for both close and distant relatives, make more plans with your closest friends and even try to reconnect with those you may have lost touch with.


Discover more Interests

With all this extra time you have to yourself, now is the perfect time to discover what makes you tick. The interest and hobbies that we discover on our own are the ones that usually bring us genuine happiness or tranquillity. With this in mind, make sure you utilise this spare time and experience new activities or crafts.This way you can really enjoy being single.

No more Compromising

Say goodbye to sharing the TV remote in the evening, sacrificing your favourite foods and having only half the closet space. When coming out of a relationship we often fixate on the things we miss, rather than the positive changes our new found independence will bring. Stay out late almost every weekend, fill your TV up with recordings of all your favourite shows and films and starfish on your bed every night — this freedom won’t last forever.

Freedom to be Driven

When you are single you naturally become more focused on your own future and personal goals. This is due to the ability to dedicate a larger amount of time and effort to your career and other aspirations you may have. So start working towards those goals, while your only responsibility is yourself and revel in all its future rewards.

5 thoughts on “5 Things to Enjoy Being Single”

  1. Great things in life are simple. We forgot what simplicity really is as we were taught that life isn’t simple it HAS to be serious and complicated. I love the idea to reconnect with yourself as this is something we (at least myself) we loose sight of. At the end everything comes to the question: what is really important in life…

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