A few weeks ago, I attended the International Startup Festival that occurred in Old Port Montreal. I decided to participate to gain more insights on how to bring my company NETSO Media to the next level.

It was an experience. It is like going to an outdoor festival like the Montreal Jazz Festival, food trucks are lined up, people drink beer and are dressed in shorts and T-shirts. Although, the concept might have been similar, there were no artists performing, but entrepreneurs and investors who talked about their experiences and shared some valuable tips about building a successful startup. There were over 60 speakers this year ; David Lawee of Google Capital, Gilbert Rozon of Just for Laughs, Krishna Gade of Pinterest, David Segal of DAVIDs TEA, Matt  Switzer of Hootsuite, and Harley Finkelstein of Shopify were on the line-ups. 

International Startup Festival Montreal

My 6 lessons learned at International Startup Festival Montreal

Lesson 1 – Get rid of negative people 

Whether positive or negative, emotions influence every aspect of our lives. Negativity is the worse thing you can have around you when you have a business idea. It limits your potential to become something great and live a fulfilling purposeful life.

Lesson 2 – Be better than any other options out there

When you are the best at what you do, you give no other options to your prospects than to do business with you. Simply be the best by perfecting your craft.

Lesson 3 – Think BIG 

One of the common traits shared by successful entrepreneurs is the ability to think big and set big goals. Even if at the beginning you might think that your dreams are unrealistic, never settle for less than what you know you could achieve.

International Startup Festival Montreal

Lesson 4 – Business culture

Create a company culture where people can grow and are feeling comfortable. If people like working with you, if you build an environment of trust and ease, they are more likely to stick with you when things get harder.

Lesson 5 – Accept risks 

The journey of an entrepreneur is based on risk. You need to accept it and make sure to get up every time you fall. By having a culture of experimenting you quickly learn what is working and not working for your startup. If you don’t fail, you are not experimenting enough.

Lesson 6 – Build the best team

Hire people who don’t fit in, people who will challenge you, who are not like you. They might have the best ideas.

Which one of these is your best lesson ?

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