It takes more than money to satisfy a woman. As unique as we are, in our own nature, a valuable woman needs more than a combination of things to make her happy, more than material things. As a woman in her early thirties, I am constantly re-evaluating my past and present, redefining who I am and who I want to be. The other night, I was listening to Shanel Cooper Sykes, my online mentor. She outlined the qualities a valuable woman should have, and I want to share with you 6 qualities a woman should be working towards improving.
When you are happy or seeking happiness, you clean what you don’t like in your life. You clean your friends because they are a bad influence for youyou give your old books away because they no longer serve a purpose for you, you go on vacation because you want to clear your thoughts. You get my point, a valuable woman removes clutter from her life to bring clarity; it makes it easier to achieve her true desires.
We have all heard words of wisdom. They make you choose wisely, helping you make decisions that are best for you. It helps you find peace and have confidence. A valuable woman should be able to make good judgments.
What you feel, say and think is aligned with who you are. Your actions become your thinking, and your thinking becomes your habits.
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She is and feels beautiful. While you are defining yourself, take the time to also think about what you want to look like, with what you have. Don’t become someone else, just find yourself. Decide how you want to dress, the smell you want to have, how you are going to style your hair  Diary Of A Natural Sista.
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When you are happy, people see it. Not just with your smile, but with the energy that you spread. People can feel your happiness – 22 tips to keep you happy . Happy people are givers, they give more than they receive. A valuable woman gives abundantly and with no regrets. She is generous.
Courage is an emotion, an energy that quiets fear. In building strategies for living a more productive, happy and meaningful life, developing courage provides yet another step towards taking responsibility for your state of mind, your circumstances and your wellbeing.
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6 thoughts on “6 Qualities of a valuable woman”

  1. All extremely important qualities to have as a woman! Just love this post Mlle. When you said, “developing courage provides yet another step towards taking responsibility for your state of mind, your circumstances and your well-being”, this absolutely resonated with me big time. I used to be terrified of doing videos and Google + hangouts for the business my husband and myself work from home, but once I found my inner courage, stepped out and faith, and did it anyway… the magic and growth has been tremendous.

    Also agree 100% with your statement of “what you feel, say, and think are aligned with who you are.”

    Terrific post! Thanks for sharing this so we can all be the best versions of ourselves.

  2. This is a great list of “real” qualities a woman should have. So many people allow material “stuff” to define them. I agree that a woman should have the qualities you listed and I would add integrity to the list.

  3. As I get older, I find that many of these things are important in my life. You find that money and material things lose their significance, and peace of mind means so much more. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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