Maintaining a relationship healthy and safe is not as easy as it may seem. You might have been one of those lucky women whose relationships have always been healthy and safe. But unfortunately, the reality is that many women go through heartbreak more than once. How to go through a breakup is another blog topic, but know that it always starts with you. Always work on yourself first by building your self-confidence, go through the healing process before getting into another relationship. Once you find a partner you enjoy being with, you will want to keep your relationship on the right track.

Let’s take a look at these 6 tips to maintain your relationship healthy and safe.

1) Laugh together 

Laughing is a great therapy, whether you laugh alone or with someone else, you relax your body, give a boost to your immune system and releases the endorphins you need to feel good. Watch a funny tv show or movie, even if you don’t have much time, go on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook there are tons of funny short videos that will make you laugh. One more reason to make sure you are both compatible, if you don’t have the same sense of humour, how are you going to laugh together ?.

2) Intimacy

Being in a relationship means having those special quality times with your partner. Depending of where you are in the relationship you may not want to give it all but sexual contact is still important. Intimacy is about being emotionally close to your partner and letting your guard down. Making time for those special moments of holding hands, cuddling, kissing and touching are vital for your romantic relationship. If you have some boundaries, let your partner know how you like to be touched and kissed.

3) Be yourself and love yourself

This is no secret. You are probably one of our daily readers, but if you are not, I encourage you to read some of our blog posts about self-love. Before getting into a serious relationship, you need to love yourself, be comfortable with yourself and be happy. If you’re in a relationship because you want to be loved or you’re looking for someone else to make you happy, your next relationship will fail.

maintain your relationship healthy and safe

4) Communication

Communication is one of the first things we learn as we grow up. We are thought to express our feelings and to be respectful to others. Somehow, when it comes to being in a relationship things are different. We don’t say things as they are and we forget those simple words, please & thank you. Do a monthly check up with yourself asking yourself ” Am I happy in this relationship, if not why ? ”, ” is there something I don’t appreciate about this relationship, if not why ? ”, ” Am I respectful or being disrespected ? ”. By asking yourself these questions regularly, you’ll keep yourself on check often and if you realize there are  somethings that you don’t like, find a way to discuss it with your partner. Don’t let it sit in your mind, express yourself.

5) Counselling

Not everybody is open to relationship counselling, but according to an article published on The Gardian – ‘Agreeing to therapy shows that you care’ it helps your couple grow individually as well. ” Sometimes there is a big issue – such as money, sex, infidelity, in-laws or children – about which you cannot get your partner to understand your viewpoint.” explains the therapist Andrew G Marshall. Building a healthy and safe relationship can’t be done alone, you’ll need your partner’s collaboration and sometimes bringing in a third-party can be useful. If you’re not open to counselling, I discovered that some people spoke to a love psychics. It might be another open if you believe in those practices and even if you don’t, you never know, it might work out for you. Here is are a few love psychics profiles I found online.

6) Spend some time apart

It might be hard at the beginning to stay a part a few days, but think about it. If you are always together, how are you going to keep the magic on ? Being alone or with friends is one of the healthiest things in a relationship. It gives each person time to be themselves and to be secure about who they are outside of the relationship. Don’t be to accessible, women have a tendency to reschedule their whole calendar to fit into their new boyfriend’s schedule. But don’t do that and make him want you.

A healthy and safe relationship requires care. Don’t just jump into a relationship without knowing who you are and being happy with yourself first. Then, be open-minded and date to find the right partner for you. Once you find your soul mate, don’t just jump with your eyes closed but wide open listening to your feelings. Being in a relationship is one common thing we all seek for yet there are so many couples that experience breakthrough not knowing what happened to their relationships. Make sure yours last for ever.

What about you, share one tip to maintain a healthy and safe relationship ?

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