In the world of music, the big names usually get all the shine. But they were not always Beyoncé and Taylor Swift as we know them. Yes, at one point and time they were struggling, unknown artists who had doors slammed in their faces and song not make the charts.

The great thing about the music industry today is that there are emerging platforms, it seems like on a daily basis, that cater to up and coming artists who can hold their own with some of the best of today.

This week, we are looking at an indie artist with a unique sound and a passion to get his feet, music and love for music off the ground and into the ears of people all around the world- Indigo Blak.

Jarreau Walker a.k.a Indigo Blak, is an American recording artist raised in central Illinois. His love for music started at a very early age with pretty much everyone around him involved in the art form in some fashion.

Taking his name from the sixth color in the rainbow spectrum (Indigo) and the “infinite origin of all existence,” (black) Indigo Blak seeks to awaken the consciousness by embodying an “acute creative awareness that spans the depths of musical taste & influence.”

His sound is both unique and entrancing. It lures you into its consciousness in a way that takes you to places of peace and thoughtfulness.

Indigo Blak’s mission is to foster relationships with other musical artist in order to build “the collective consciousness of the musical universe.” His new album Love Lost Bizzare (Special Edition Rework) is a “cornucopia of sight, sound, and wonder that gives one a breath of fresh air, and a peek into another realm of possibility and reality for what is known popular music.”

What he is doing is such an important part of the indie music movement because it shows what can be accomplished when you take your craft seriously. He is sold out to his music and seeks to bring the energy and light that he feels when he creates it to the masses that they may share in his talents and gifts.

Supporting artists of all backgrounds and career levels is important and something that we should strive to do. There is truly some great music out there just waiting to be discovered.

Discover Indigo Blak : @indigoblak5000 – Youtube

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