Every year in Canada people are invited to participate in Black History Month activities that honour the legacy of black leaders. Connecting Canadians to black history and its culture is a mission for many organizations like B.A.N.D (Black Artists Network in Dialogue) and TD Bank celebrating black history month in Canada with the TD Then and Now series since 2009. Black and non-black Canadians take this time to celebrate the achievements of black leaders who have done so much to make Canada the  nation it is today.

Then & Now is a series of must-see events in six Canadian cities illuminating the significant contributions African Canadians have made to Canada’s cultural landscape. In addition to promoting Canadian talent, the 2015 series represents over 15 countries from the Caribbean, Africa and Europe.

10 must-see events in Montreal – 2015 TD Then & Now Events 

Oliver Jones : Have Fingers Will Travel

Who : The Round Table of Black History Month

What : Oliver Jones : Have Fingers Will Travel

When : January  30 to February 12

Where : Montreal City Hall

Entry fee : FREE

Infos : www.oliverjonesexpo.ca

Festival FRO 2015

Who : La Fondation FRO

What : Festival FRO 2015

When : January 31, February 7 and 13 – 8pm

Where : Grande Bibliothèque

Entry fee : $12.00

Infos : www.frofoundation.com

A century of Afro-caribbean life in Quebec

Who : Centre International de Documentation et d’Information Haïtienne, Caribéenne et Afro-canadienne (CIDIHCA)

What : (1) A century of Afro-caribbean life in Quebec

(2) Concert tribute to Oliver Jones by “Harold Faustin Band”

When : (1) January 31 to February 8 – 9am-8pm
                (2) February 22 – 6:30pm

Where : 1) Webster Library, Concordia University

2) Salle Marie-Gérin-Lajoie, UQAM

Entry fee : $30.00

Infos : www.cidihca.com

Les Artistes africains et créoles en Arts visuels

Who : Vues d’Afrique

What : Les Artistes africains et créoles en Arts visuels

When : February 1st– 28th

Where : Multiple Locations, visit website

Entry fee : FREE

Infos : www.vuesdafrique.org

The Floating Homeland

Who : Shanna Strauss

What : The Floating Homeland

When : February 2 – March 15 – Opening February 12 – 5:00pm

Where : Maison Parent Robac

Entry fee : FREE

Infos : www.shannastrauss.co

Afrocaribbean LGBT International Film Festival

Who : Arc-en-ciel d’Afrique

What : Afrocaribbean LGBT International Film Festival

When : February 17th-28th

Where : Cinematheque et Cinema Parc

Entry fee : $0.00-$10.00

Infos : www.massimadi.ca

The Youth Stars Foundation

Who : The Youth Stars Foundation

What : Montreal International Black History Festival

When : February 21 and 22

Where : Phi Centre 407 Saint Pierre Street

Entry fee : $0.00-15.00

Infos : www.youthstarsfoundation.org

Monnaie Money Financial Literacy Talent Show 2015

Who : Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Côte-des-Neiges

What : Monnaie Money Financial Literacy Talent Show 2015

When : February 28 – 7:00pm

Where : Oscar Peterson Concert Hall

Entry fee : $15.00

Infos : www.monnaiemoney.com


For more events click here ☛ 10 Way To Celebrate Black History Month


Pitch Black

Who : Pitch Black Generation

What : Pitch Black

When : February 28 – 8pm

Where : Salle Claude-Léveillée de la Place des Arts

Entry fee : $20.00

Infos : www.placedesarts.com

Host of Hidden Treasure – Stolen From Africa Docu-Series

Who :  Stolen From Africa

What : Host of Hidden Treasure – Stolen From Africa Docu-Series

When : February 26, 2014 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Where : 3480 rue McTavish – 3rd Floor – SSMU Ballroom – McGill University, Montreal, QC

Entry fee : FREE



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  1. Thank you! I am honored to be featured as one of the 10 must-see events to attend during Black History Month. Unfortunately my website is listed incorrectly (I’ve informed the site from which I suspect you retrieved it from) can you please update it with the correct address: http://www.shannastrauss.co
    With much gratitude,
    Shanna Strauss

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