Dr. Maya Angelou was a great woman who loved the world. She was a phenomenal poet, educator, historian, civil right activist and so much more. Over the past decades, Dr. Angelou became highly respected as a spokesperson for women from all around the world. She inspired people to become better and wiser. She personally motivated me to become the best woman I can be, and I always go back to her quotes to keep me going.

Dr. Maya Angelou’s – Word Secret to Living Your Best Life

”Try to be the best person you can be. Try to be all you can be. Be the best human you can be. Do it because it is right to do. People will know you and wish you well….”

”If people talk about you and say she is so sweet, she is so nice. God bless her. Your life will be fulfilled….

”Live your life that you will not regret anything.Take up the life battle, this is your life, your world. You make your own choices. Pick up the battle and make it a better…”

 ”The desire to reach for the stars in ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise” Dr. Maya Angelou
R.I.P Dr. Maya Angelou, your wisdom will truly be missed !

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