Eating healthy at restaurants – You don’t have to avoid restaurants if you’re on a healthy diet. Simply follow these easy tips to make sure that you don’t exceed your calorie limit.

Select the right establishment
Avoid restaurants which don’t offer healthy items on their menu or are likely to offer you double the amount of carbohydrates or sugar that you need. Your meal should contain a healthy balance of vegetables, protein and grains. Frequent establishments which offer grilled meats, fresh fruit and vegetables and other healthy choices.

Skip the buffet
Buffet meals guilt the diner into over-eating simply to compensate for the money spent. When dining out, always opt for plated dining experience instead. This gives you time to consider the healthier options available and you don’t fall into the trap of piling food you don’t need on to your plate.

Select the right starter
Don’t fall into the trap of ordering a large indulgent starter dish just because you’re hungry. A crisp salad (sans croutons or greasy dressing) or a stock-based soup is as filling and delicious as any other high-calorie starter.

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Learn for speak foodie
Dishes which are described as “scalloped”, “alfredo” and “pan-friend” often contain high volumes of sodium, butter and fat where as terms such as “grilled,” “steamed” and “baked” describe healthier cooking methods. Don’t hesitate to ask your waiter about how your food has been prepared or the ingredients used.

Choose the right cut
When you’re ordering steak, opt for a leaner cut such as a filet mignon or flank steak. If you’re craving chicken, a skinless grilled chicken breast contains much less fat than roast chicken thighs.

Share your desserts
Share your dessert – and half the calories – with your fellow patrons. There’s no reason not to indulge when you’re on a healthy diet – just do it in moderation.


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