Forgiveness, one of the most difficult and emotionally draining tasks we regularly have to face during our lifetime. When someone you love abuses your trust or speaks hurtful words, it’s natural to be consumed by feelings of betrayal, hatred and vengeance. Commonly the actions of the person who wronged you leave an emotional wound, which if left, will permanently remain a part of your identity. In order to lead a life not tainted by bitterness, anger and revenge you must completely let go of these emotions. Instead embrace forgiveness and transform your life into one full of peace, tranquillity and happiness.

To forgive someone for their actions does not necessarily mean you see them as justified, nor does it mean that you have to accept that individual back into your life.

Forgiveness is essentially a way of giving yourself permission to move on with your life and focus on the more positive aspects. Click To Tweet

Although the actions of that person can never be forgotten, your attachment to the event and the emotions it represents will lessen over time, allowing you to learn from the experience and progress through life contently.

In some instances, the person we are seeking to forgive is ourselves. Whether it’s because you had a moment of weakness or cheated on your spouse, forgiving yourself for your own actions should not be as difficult as it often is. We each possess the unique ability to be our own harshest critique, dragging ourselves down into an endless cycle of self-loathing and self-pity.

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To help overcome this, simply remind yourself that you did the best you could in that given situation, and recognize that punishing yourself will not erase your bad deed. Instead it prolongs the pain and prevents you from identifying the lesson you have learnt. So instead of punishing yourself, let go of that pain and self-hated and focus your energy on making yourself a better person.

It’s important to remember that forgiveness is a journey which takes time and patience. It’s not something you have to face alone, you can seek help, support or advice from loved ones to aid in the healing process. If instead you chose not to welcome forgiveness into your heart, your future decisions will be influenced by your inability to trust people. Future relationships with either a partner or friend will likely break down. In order to give yourself a life full of peace, balance and prosperity that you deserve, carry the lesson of forgiveness through life. As to embrace forgiveness, also means to embrace a reality where you can let go, move on and allow yourself to be happy.

13 thoughts on “Forgive and be Happier”

  1. I absolutely loved reading this. You are so true about forgiveness taking time. I promise when you do, it makes you feel so much lighter because it weighs heavy on you.

  2. Forgiveness is tough because you think about it (what happened), but once you learn to move on and trust again – Life gets easier. You have to forgive and let go.

  3. There’s one thing that I have never considered about forgiveness, and that’s that it’s a journey that doesn’t leave you alone. I’m so quick to seek others for advice or an ear in other situations, but I never think about talking to them about forgiveness. This is something I will definitely keep in mind.

  4. Forgiveness can be hard sometimes, but it’s so easy to do. You have to make the decision that you want to be free and the best way to do that is to let it go. Thanks for the reminder, sis!

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