Need budget-friendly gift ideas for Father’s Day? Just get creative with these affordable, but practical gift solutions for the man who has everything.

Gourmet snack box
Whether your dad’s a gourmet foodie or just loves to graze while watching a game – he’ll definitely appreciate a box full of delicious treats. Purchase a sizeable picnic basket or lunchbox and fill it with a selection of treats your dad enjoys, such as jerky, chocolates, nuts and fudge. Don’t forget to add his favorite craft beer to complete the hamper.

Dad’s exclusive car wash
Treat your dad’s favorite set of wheels to luxury car wash. All it takes is a tub of water, cleaning materials and an hour of your time. You can also create a set of car wash gift cards which your dad can redeem at any time of the year.

Dad’s office cleaning service
Is your dad a bit of a hoarder? Offer to clean and organize his office. Re-organize his filing system, help him clear out his inbox and turn his cramped office into a place he would enjoy working in every day.

Dad’s recipe Box
If your dad’s an amateur chef who’s constantly struggling to find a recipe in a cluttered pile of recipe books, create a catalogues recipe box of treasure family dishes for him. Type up all of his written recipes and catalogue it in alphabetical order with pictures and notes into an easy-to-sort recipe box.

For the sentimental Dad
Compile a few special family video clips and photographs into a special video montage for your dad. You can use free video-editing software to cut down on costs.

Be Dad’s personal assistant for the day
Help lighten your dad’s load, by helping him run his errands or organize his diary for a day. He’ll appreciate the extra help, and remember this long after Father’s day is over.


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