YouTube is almost non-negotiable if you’re interested in growing your audience online. It is the second largest search engine in the world and processes right around 3 billion searches every month. In the effort to drive traffic to your website or blog, this could be a huge source of that traffic if you learn how to use it to your advantage. Let’s look at some great strategies to use on YouTube.

Make Them Find You

No matter what you are planning to make a video about, there is a good chance that a number of people already have videos about that same topic. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important. A few strategies can help you to make it to the first page, where visitors can find you easily. We love how James Wedmore explains this How To Rank A Video.

Firstly, the title of the video must be clear and straight to the point. You’ll also want to include keywords where possible. The title should allow the visitor to know exactly what he/she will be watching. If they are left guessing, they will move onto the next video.

Secondly, the description box is your chance to include all the extra details that you can’t include in the title. Some people even transcribe the entire video in their description box. This is great because then the YouTube/Google crawlers will pick up important words that people are searching for. It’s also important to sprinkle your keywords through the description.

Make Them Click Your Video

So you’ve made it to the front page YouTube through amazing SEO. But there is still competition from the other top videos in your category. How do you get visitors to click your video over the others? At this point it’s all about aesthetics which means that you need to make your thumbnail more attractive than the others. A thumbnail is the tiny square image that appears beside the title of your video before someone clicks it. The picture quality is very important so take the picture with a high quality camera or use a stock image from Shutterstock. From there, you can edit the image to add text ect. using Photoshop or Thumbnails with some sort of text on it tend to convert into clicks well.

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Drive Traffic to Your Website

Once they have clicked on your video, there a number of ways that you can direct that traffic to your actual website. One way is simply to ask. Call to actions are hugely underestimated and people appreciate kind instructions on what to do next. Another great option is to have the website address at the bottom right corner throughout the video. Lastly, ensure that a link to the website is the first thing in the description box for those visitors who will take the initiative to check.

When using YouTube to drive traffic to your blog, it’s important that you give lots of value in your videos. Even if you are doing a simple promotional video, give some sort of helpful tool or advice to the viewer that will incentivise them to actually visit your website.


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