How to love yourself in 4 easy steps
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How To Love Yourself In 4 Easy Steps – Learning how to love yourself has often been described as the key component to a happy and fulfilling life. We show our love, appreciation and respect to the special people in our lives on a daily basis. However channelling those same feelings towards yourself can feel like a daunting and sometimes awkward task.
There are many recommended methods to help promote self-love, such as keeping a journal and regularly complimenting yourself in the mirror. By trying a variety of these techniques you will quickly start to learn what makes you unique as an individual, and in turn will help you understand and appreciate your identity. Follow our guide today and take your first step towards a more confident, healthy and happy you by learning how to truly love yourself.
Avoid Envy
Comparing your life, possessions and achievements to those of others is a habit many of us are guilty of. Whether it’s your friend’s new car, bigger house, or higher paid job, those negative feelings will quickly fester and will result in you perceiving your life as inadequate. Instead focus on what you have already achieved, earned and gained. This reflection and appreciation will build feelings of pride, respect and love for yourself.
An Hour a Day
Spending quality time with nothing more than your thoughts and feelings is one of the easiest ways to promote self-love. For an hour a day switch off your cell phone, laptop and TV and partake in an activity you think you would enjoy. Painting, running or learning to play an instrument are great examples, however your activity could also be something as simple as going to see that movie your friends didn’t fancy or taking a walk to explore your local area.
Live in the Moment
Often we look to our past when we are faced with difficult decisions and troublesome obstacles. Dwelling on your past and fretting over issues that occurred years before, is a waste of both your time and energy. We each change and evolve as we make our journeys through life. We learn from mistakes, decisions and life experiences with each passing day.
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Replace Criticism with Praise
“Stupid, fat, ugly, worthless.” These are some of the countless insults we bombard ourselves with more frequently than any of us would like to admit. In 2013 a study released by The University of Kansas, proved that a person’s facial expression has an effect on their mood. When we frown we exhibit feelings of sorrow and when we smile our moods lift dramatically. Similar effects are recognisable when we criticise and praise ourselves. Once you start replacing your own harsh critique with encouraging and uplifting thoughts, soon loving and appreciating yourself will become a natural part of your life.
Ladies, we want to learn from you. What are the ways you show yourself some love ? 

10 thoughts on “How To Love Yourself In 4 Easy Steps”

  1. Not comparing myself to ours is something I live by! Social media can make it so easy to get caught up in what other people are doing that you may fall into that comparison trap. These are all great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh the curse of the comparison monster!! I have to bring down those thoughts daily, especially when I am not feeling victorious. I love the examples you provide though and hope to find an hour of my day to just praise and also think and meditate on all that is good.

  3. Wonderful self-love tips!
    I love having “me” days, you definitely need to take time away from your hectic life and make time for yourself.
    I also make sure to surround myself with positive visuals and messages in order to limit negativity in my life. Learning to love yourself is a long road sometimes– but it’s worth it!

  4. I have started staring at my reflections in the mirror and repeating affirmations and what God’s word says about me in the PRESENT tense. It has been very powerful! #BLMGirls

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