If there’s one thing that great thinkers and successful people have in common, it’s their ability to multiply their time.They have the ability to create things faster and quicker because they have mastered time management.
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This is a concept that I have borrowed from Rory Vaden. Last year, I attended the Social Media Marketing World 2016 and he did a session called ” Procrastinate on purpose “.
During his workshop, he spoke about how he met Darren Hardy, who is equally successful. He asked him, “What is the difference between rich people and everybody else? ” Hardy answered by illustrating how rich people think about buying coffee. Rich people know that if they spend 5 dollars in Starbucks, they won’t make money out of it. But if they invest that same amount of money and create a compound interest at a rate of 8% in 30 years. They would ask themselves, “Is this 5 dollar coffee worth 50 dollars to me in 30 years?”
Rory explained that when you have a list of things to do, you would probably try to prioritize the things that are most important at the moment. However, prioritizing doesn’t give you more time, it only bumps no. 10 to no. 1.
For example, if you have 2 hours of free time, don’t ask yourself what would be the best use of that time. Instead, ask yourself: “How can I use my time in a way today that can create more time tomorrow?” You always have to think about what can i do now that can create more free time and money tomorrow.
Ask yourself these questions:
  1. What I’m doing now, is it going to give me more time tomorrow?
  2. What I’m spending on now, is it going to earn money tomorrow?
  3. What I’m doing or spending on now, am I only enjoying it today?
  4. Is it really worth my time?
Now that you understand that to have more time you need to take actions on the things that will free up time on your calendar, let’s explore how to prioritize.
The art of prioritizing
First, learn to say no. Saying no to things that you can’t do, you don’t have time to do or is not worthy of your time.
The second step is automation. Automation saves you time. There are a lot of available online tools and apps for you to automate your social media posts, email marketing, personal emails and so much more. In order for you to scale your business, you have to become a different person as well as invest time and money to setup a process for you.
An example for this is email marketing. If you decide to do email marketing, there are a number of automation tools available for you such as Infusionsoft and Click Funnels. These tools cost over $50 per month and you might think that you could do email marketing manually instead of paying. Doing this yourself will take a lot of your time, time that you don’t currently have. Step out of your comfort zone and investment in these tools which will create more free time.
Delegating tasks will help you have more time. You might be so attached to your business and to the existing process that you are not willing to delegate the tasks that takes most of your time. For example, I hired a virtual assistant to create visual content and social media posts because I realized that I was spending over 15 hours per week completing these tasks.
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Be disciplined
Some people suffer from a lack of discipline. They don’t have the vision in front of them or they struggle from a lack of vision. When you don’t know where you’re going you’ll be lost and you’ll be doing things that you’re not supposed to do. When you think about it, self-discipline is proportionate to the clarity of your vision. The clearer you are about what you want and how bad you want it, the discipline comes after. It’s about what is the most important to you. Then, you focus on the activities or tasks that you should be doing right now.
Most likely, we procrastinate because of fear or lack of confidence. We might think that we don’t have the knowledge or ability to do what it is that we want to do so we procrastinate. That’s another topic on itself but essentially, you need to tackle your fears and get down to it.
The good thing about this is that you can start right now, right at this very second. You can start tomorrow and it wouldn’t matter who you were yesterday. Who you were has nothing to do about who you have to be tomorrow. The choices that you make today are the ones that matter. Note that you can’t undo the past so try to always work towards being the best version of yourself every single day.
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If you’re new to this concept and you realize that you need to master your time and focus on the tasks that will save you more time and money tomorrow, you can start today. You can tackle those things right now. And you will start again tomorrow and the day after that until you reach your highest peak. When you’ve reached your highest peak, you will have to keep pushing to keep your title, your status and the standard of living that you have acquired.
I hope you’ve learned something new today.
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With love,
Mlle Parker

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