Last week was the Global Entrepreneurship week. the world’s largest celebration of innovators and job creators who bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. For a second year, I attended the Dawson Eweek, five days of conferences, panel discussions and workshops dedicated to inspiring future entrepreneurs.

I attended the conference of Ingrid Vanderveldt, the founder of EBW2020  – Empowering a Billion Women by 2020  a non-profit organization whose goal is to Empower a Billion Women by 2020. Their vision is to provide a mobile device to every woman, and provide them with access to the resources, financial literacy and the help they need to succeed as business leaders.

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The day Ingrid Vanderveldt found out her calling in life, she dedicated herself to it and never looked back. ‘’When you find what it is that you are authentically called to do, it is amazing what can happen, it is amazing how entrepreneurs can have these big ideas and bring them to life,’’ says Ingrid. As an entrepreneur at DELL, she reached 600,000 million people around the world within three years of hard work.


At a young age, Ingrid was labelled retarded by her school principal, who suggested that she go to a learning disability school. She was referred to as the ‘’SPECIAL’’ girl, which made her feel horrible as a kid until one day her parents told her to use the word “special” to her advantage. The power to make decisions, you can believe what people say about you to be your reality, or you can believe that you are INCREDIBLE.

Companies should include women in their leadership initiatives.

Every company should involve women in their decision-making process . Women control 70% of the global spent and 80% in the United States. If women think that a company cares about them, they will buy your services and products. 80% of women who have tried it will show loyalty to your brand, and 92% will pass on the information to others; the best and fastest way to build sales is by word of mouth.

 Key lessons to keep in mind

  • As you think about your own path as a successful entrepreneur, you should consider having a mentor. A counsellor can show you the steps to build confidence. Self-esteem is the biggest thing that keeps women from starting their own ventures.
  • People who are successful don’t care about how you act, sound or look like. What they want to know is what can you offer me; can we win together? If as a business leader you can convey that message with confidence, doors will open.
  • Break down your focus into simple steps. Break your ideas into 90-day ideas, after 3 months, start a new goal and so on. It will help you stay focused and aligned with your objectives.
  • Build leverage. Everything you do is a step in stone for what you are going to do tomorrow. Try to succeed in everything you do so that tomorrow you can build upon that. There is always a track record of what you do.
  • Books to readThink and Grow Rich for Women  by Sharon Lechter, 3 Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffron & David Logan and Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny.

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