I just love Lupita Nyong’os speech at the 7th Black Women in Hollywood Award.

“You can’t eat beauty, it does not feed you  – You can’t rely on how you look to sustain you” – Dorothy Nyong’o 

“What is beautiful is compassion for yourself and for those around you” Lupita Nyong’o

‘Beauty is not a thing that I can acquire or consume.It was something that I just had to be ‘ Lupita Nyong’o

Who is Lupita Nyong’o ?

Born March 1, 1983 in Mexico City, Mexico, Lupita Nyong’o won “Best Supporting Actress” at the Oscars on Sunday for her amazing work in “12 Years a Slave” . Read more on IMBd

Source :www.jaxsprats.com

That speech does not only speak to Black Women, it is for every girl, women, boy and men. Beauty does not define you.  

You make your own definition of beauty. As long as you love yourself then..You are beautiful !

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