Poster Black History Month Montreal 2014 by Pier Nko Opont

Here I am again, hosting the Montreal Black History Month – Le Mois de L’Histoire des Noirs on Social Media for a third consecutive year. Working with the Round Table of Black History Month – Table Ronde du Mois de l’Histoire des Noirs brings me a powerful insight on the importance of contributing to the promotion of activities underlining the history and the situation of Black communities in Quebec.Needless to say how much I have learned and how many wonderful Black leaders I have met in this journey. I am truly grateful for the opportunity of being part of this amazing movement.

What’s new this year ?

This year’s theme is a quote that I love.

” None of us acting alone can achieve success .”
– Nelson Mandela!

The more we work together, the better our communities will grow in unity.  We cannot survive alone, we all know that ! #Justathought

The 2014 laureates are just amazing. Each of have contributed to the well-being of their community and represent diversity within the Black Community.

Charmaine Nelson – First Black professor to teach Art History at a Canadian university

Yvonne Sam – A member of the Quebec Board of Black Educators since 1981

Julien Reiher – Founded of the Umojha group

Fabrice Vil – The co-founder and president of Pour 3 Points

Aymar Missakila – Consultant of victims of discrimination in Montreal

Nydia Dauphin – Creator of a Justice Alimentaire Montréal working group, Solidarity and Structural Racism in the Montreal Food Systems

Régis Dahany –  President of the Réseau des Entrepreneurs et Professionnels Africains (REPAF)

Kofi Sonokpon –  Aviation expert with over 18 years of experience

David Shelton – Elected student government president and led his student body to act against apartheid and to honor the MLK holiday

Frank Dike – Executive Director of Mission of Peace (MOPIC), a not-forprofit organization

Keithy Antoine (Lady SpecialK) – Entrepreneur, journalist, producer, graphic designer, DJ

Yannick Tchoum –  “Entrepreneur of the Year” award from the Chambre de commerce africaine du Canada

To find out more about these leaders – Click  ☛ HERE


Photographer Kevin Calixte Artiste Passionné via Black History Month

What makes this edition of Black History Month – Le Mois de L’Histoire des Noirs even more special is to have two great spokespersons, Kim Richardson and Gardy Fury.

Kim Richardson – A multi-faceted singer/performer with training and experience in film, dance and theatre.  She sang for Nelson Mandela, HRH Queen Elizabeth, Prime Ministers Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien, as well as Governor General Adrienne Clarkson.

Gardy Fury – Singer, songwriter, director, author and actor: Gardy Fury is the consummate artist. He takes part in a number of films as an actor.He takes the role of Manuel in Les jeunes loups, Réjean Tremblay’s new television series.

2014 Spokespersons - Kim Richardson - Gardy Fury
2014 Spokespersons – Kim Richardson – Gardy Fury

Source : Black History Month 

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Stay tuned, I will soon release my TOP 10 ‘Must do activities #BHM2014#MHN2014‘.

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