The first edition of the Montreal Caribbean Fashion Week – #MTLCFW was a real success. Over 30 top designers, young designers, and models participated in the event.

Here is a recap :

Photo credit : Mariel Rosenbluth Photography



12 thoughts on “Montreal Caribbean Fashion Week”

  1. This looks like a great event! If you attend please share your review. But it looks nothing like I thought Montreal would be, with the beaches and whatnot.

  2. OMG, if only I could be in Canada for this. I am sure it will be filled with lots of culture, style and beauty. Enjoy. Can’t wait to see your follow up post. Jamaican girl here!

  3. I can’t drink wine, but chocolate and fashion are both awesome, and I love that they’re contributing to the Sickle Cell Association! <3

  4. Will you be attending? I hope so, I would love to see your review post about it. I love the cause . I have the trait, but not the disease so I have to be sure to educated my kids on it as well. My sister has it though. I pray that all goes well and that it is fun

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