A Nomadic Massive concert – Last Friday, Mlle Parker attended attended a Nomadic Massive concert for the first time. It was hosted by the Festival International Nuits d’Afrique. I read a lot of good reviews about this multilingual, multicultural hip hop group from Montreal, but never had the opportunity to attend a show until recently. Last year, I saw Vox Sambou, a member of Nomadic Massive, performed at Francofolies de Montréal, which gave me an intro to these musical nomads representing an open-minded Hip-Hop.

The band is composed of  Vox Sambou, Nantali Indongo,Lou Piensa,Waahli,Ali Sepu,Meryem,Butta Beats,Rawgged MC and Butta Beats. Singing in French, English, Creole, Arabic and Spanish, the artists of Nomadic Massive mix their creative lyrics and sounds to produce an authentic hip hop vibe that turns into reggae, funk and Caribbean styles. Backed by talented instrumentalists, the group always gets the audience to dance while spreading knowledge.

Nomadic Massive at Nuits d’Afrique

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