Who is Fabien ? 


I am a writer, poet, athlete, political activist and blogger and former radio show co-host. I was born in Montreal Canada from Jamaican parents and in addition to English, I also speak French. I always like to be active and involved and this could be from politics to playing baseball during the summer months to making my opinions known in my social media circles. My UNIKness comes from having opinions that are mine and will not be influenced by pop culture or mainstream opinions.

What is your passion in life?  Why ?

One of my passions is writing. In terms of blogging, I love getting my opinion out there and getting feedback and interacting with folks wherever they be. I also love writing poetry. There is so much knowledge that comes from poets it is incredible. I am always inspired when I hear the words of other poets. There is something these conscious minds that gets people thinking about the world in which we live and I love being a part of that poetic life.

The other passion is baseball and sports in general. Now before you look away you must realize I have played baseball since I was 8 years old and dreamed to be a professional player. Today, I appreciate the being active part of playing during the summer. Just imagine if we got a lot more adults playing any sport to keep themselves fit.

Fabien Dunstan

How did you discover it ?

I discovered writing and by consequence poetry while I was in College. I was amazed at the writing of a friend I was in the same class with and then it took from there. It might be a shock to some that performing in public was something I would have hated to do before I got in poetry. The blogging came afterward. My poetry expressed opinions that people were interested in and I began using blogs to express further these opinions on different aspects, in particular social and political issues with some fun and entertainment mixed in.

What do you like to talk about with your friends?

With friends I like to discuss current affairs, food, entertainment, sports and all the everyday chat that we as people like to do. Of course, being from Montreal, we seem to always be talking about the wonderful women walking about the city 🙂.

What would you regret not having tried ? What is keeping you from doing it ?

I would regret not having traveled as much as possible. I love to travel and be in new places, experience new things and people. Keeping me from experiencing my travel plans would be money. It honestly costs too much to go everywhere I want to go :).

What makes you smile, makes you happy whenever you encounter it?

My friends and family, the people that are closest to me who support me and who appreciate the work I do and continue to encourage me. It doesn’t get any better than having that support, makes you smile all the time.


Odds & Ends

My educational background is in Political Science and I also volunteer for Projet Montreal. It is a muncipal party in Montreal. I currently work for a medical alarm company called Philips Lifeline and of course when not making money, I’m a writer and baseball player. I’m on twitter mostly days and I tend to blog a couple times a week on issues that are of interest to me. Social and Political issues are common, select videos etc. will also make their way on my blog.
You can find me on Facebook at Fabien Dunstan, or find me on twitter at @FabienDunstan. My blog is an opinionated blog and you can find it at http://opinions24.blogspot.ca/

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