Do you remember when I told you that coming in Montreal was not easy. Well, a month has passed and I feel relieved and amazing! I love what I do. Social Media is so much more than what you think. I should be more specific. My job is to make sure that there is a perfect match between the voice used on social media platforms and the brand.

The business world is so different from what I expected. To my great surprise it is very interesting how each company has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of them don’t know how to use social media to promote their business or events. After a few free consultations with clients provided by Mlle Parker, I realized that they didn’t understand how social media can be beneficial for their business. Some business owners are still reluctant about online marketing. They don’t have the time to use it and to understand it’s functionality.

Mlle Parker, a female entrepreneur who had the guts to start her own business, her own social media agency, believed in the power of digital marketing for businesses. For example, she makes profit out of her constant social media presence and by providing valuable content. I think it’s genius. And she isn’t the only one to use this path, many entrepreneurs use their brand to make a living.

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You have to make the difference between using social media for your own private interests versus your professionals’. Business owners have to maximize their visibility online. It is easier to connect with people online, this is the social of social media that I am talking about. People will trust you better if you approach them the way they would like to be approached. You don’t want to treat your clients like a piece of meat, believe me it’s the last thing you wan to do. You have to show that you CARE about the needs of people, you have to gain their trust!

At NETSO Media , our team believes in the importance of supporting and encouraging business people and more specifically entrepreneurs because we believe that they have more to offer. To be honest with you I am not a fan of the term ‘client’ because I believe that when someone approaches us, it creates a link , we are partners, a team !

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