Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (Plays Mary, the mother of Christ) producers of ‘SON OF GOD’  brings the story of Jesus Christ to the big screen. It showcases Jesus’s inspirational journey using captivating cinematic storytelling. Both producers, also brought the miniseries “The Bible” to television in 2003.


Both producers of the movie Son of God are known to be devoted to Roman Catholicism and part of the New Agers philosophy, so it is obvious that that the movie will follow through Christianism. Despite that fact, it is a movie for everyone to see, and to enjoy the touching and nurturing stories that are told. Son of God is more than that. Regardless of your religious/spiritual beliefs, the message itself is common to all beliefs/way of life, FAITH AND LOVE.

Here are 5 reasons why movies can bring you a positive feeling :

1 ) A good way to chill out, unwind : who does not like to be entertained? Watching a movie is one of the best ways to entertain yourself. It moves you from reality for a couple of hours, bringing moments of joy or sadness.

2) It inspires you : believing is something that can move mountains. Holding on to something that makes you want to have more in life can motivate you to do more. Be good to others – the power is within you.

3) It opens your mind : to have strong beliefs about something is very important. As you mature in life and gain experience, you develop your own values and choose a set of convictions that you will live by. Be open minded, and expose yourself to beliefs that are different. Openness means that we respect each other.

4) It makes you grow : some movies are based on true stories, some are just fiction, either way, both can teach you something.

5) Get something positive out of it : just like anything in life, I don’t believe movies to have one specific meaning. What you get out of it is subjective to you. Thank God for that, you get to decide your take on it and how it can impact your life, hopefully in a good way.

Treat yourself to a movie this week and share your experience with us below.

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