The 1st time I heard the song, ”Manguè” by Veeby, was at the FRO Foundation releasing album. I fell in love with the song without understanding the lyrics. The song is warm and penetrating. Singing in Bassa, Veeby moves you through the story of a mother telling her daughter to have hope in humanity. Manguè means child in Bassa, Veeby’s monther’s tongue.I love that she represents her heritage by wearing traditional African prints and Jewelleries.

manguè version internet-180.969

Let me know what you think! Veeby – « Manguè» (Official Video)

Last June, I interviewed Veeby a couple of minutes before her show at Festival International Nuits d’Afrique.Listen to what she had to say about the song « Manguè», a song written by Just Woan. (French)

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