We are happy to share the interview of Mlle Parker with Kimma Wreh, owner of the fashion house TeKay Designs Inc located in Houston, Texas. The company offers custom designs and couture bridal gowns, formal attire and statement fashion jewelry. TeKay Designs utilizes fabrics, embroidery trims, beading and jewelry pieces from a diversity of countries globally.

The International Luxury Brand Tekay Designs has position itself in top hierarchy in the Fashion Industry. Top celebrities like Chante Moore, Angie Stone, Houston TV News Anchor Deborah Duncan and Music Sensation Ashley wears Tekay Designs.

Kimma Wreh - Tekay Designs Inc
Kimma Wreh – Tekay Designs Inc

What is TeKay Designs ?

Founded in 1998, TeKay features handcrafted pieces that appeal to those who appreciate elegance with a contemporary twist. The designer brand is most noted for providing unique ethnic attire and non traditional pieces for customers in the U.S.A and international customers. The company facilitates production in Ghana, Africa and Houston, Texas.

Tekay Designs Inc
Tekay Designs Inc

How did the idea of TeKay Designs come to you ? 

I started TeKay Designs in 1998 to showcase fashions from various cultures around the world. My vision is bringing multicultural clothing and jewelry designs to the world stage. We source fabrics, trims, and embroidery within the U.S. and import from India, Kenya, Ghana, Netherlands, Latin America, etc.

Tekay Designs Inc
Tekay Designs Inc

 What are your main activities and what make you special in this industry ?

We specialize in designing and producing unique and non-traditional bridal and formal wear, couture pageant gowns, ethnic clothing for special occasions, and statement fashion jewelry. Although we have a modern bridal line, our speciality is ethnic and designs with a touch of culture. We are an alternative to the typical white bridal gown by infusing color, symbols and embroidery into our creations.  As a couture designer, we obtain measurements (online or in person) and make the outfit to fit our clients.

What inspires you the most in your business ?

I am inspired by culture and want every woman to feel like a queen when she wears my design. When this resonates with my clients, it brings me great joy. My passion is creating ethnic, cultural and unique designs. That’s why I launched the “Queen Of The Brides Collection” where each gown is named after a Queen or woman of social significance from various countries and ethnic groups. Our newly released “Crown Collection” of pageant, evening and red carpet gowns highlight unique gowns that project royalty, luxury and regality.

In all my traveling to various countries around the world (Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, France, Scotland, India, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ghana and the U.S.), what strikes me most is the culture and artistry of the local people. My goal is to touch more cultures through my creations over time. I love reading about other cultures and studying what they wear in different parts of the world. I am particularly attracted to historical attire.

Tekay Designs Inc
Tekay Designs Inc

What projects do you have planned for your business in 2015 ?

We plan to continue showcasing our 2015 collections, and participating in more charitable events, fashion shows, pageants, social media and community outreach. We also plan to expand our showroom in Houston and increase collaboration with online and brick and mortar retailers in major cities where we have clientele.

Tekay Designs Inc
Tekay Designs Inc

 Do you have a role model ? An inspiration source for your business ?

My mother is my role model. She inspires me to be the best. I remember growing up, she kept telling me to be the best in life and to pursue higher education. This has stayed with me with the challenges and triumphs that I have experienced. My mother has sacrificed so much for her children and grand children. I want to leave a legacy that she will be proud of and a business that my children will inherit with pride and love.

Tekay Designs Inc
Tekay Designs Inc

The Queen Of The Brides collection by TeKay Designs

Includes couture bridal and formal gowns accessorized with quality pieces of jewelry. The gowns and dresses in this collection represents queens from various countries around the world where people hold their royalty in high regard. The couture statement necklaces, chokers and bracelets are embraced by the discerning woman who wants to wear a fashion masterpiece and feel like a queen for a special occasion.   Queen Of The Brides provides upscale designs for weddings, prom, pageant, evening, red carpet, galas and special occasions.

Queen Of The Brides

Website: http://www.queenofthebrides.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/queenofthebrides

Blog: http://blog.queenofthebrides.com

Phone: 281-969-5961

Join the TeKay Designs Inc. community 

Website: http://www.tk-designs.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeKayDesigns?ref=hl

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tekaydesigns

Blog: http://blog.tk-designs.com

Phone: 281-807-0589

Contact information for potential business opportunities

TeKay Designs Inc.

Kimma Wreh
Email: tekayd@yahoo.com
P.O. Box 692454, Houston TX 77269
Phone: 832-483-4864

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