On July 25, 2014,  I left my full-time job to be a full-time entrepreneur. I will always remember the day that I walked out of the office at 5pm, I was no longer an employee. I was stepping foot in the exciting path of an entrepreneur’s journey. That moment of freedom, of not knowing what’s next, is priceless. It’s One of the best decisions of my life.

I’ve always been a dreamer, some people judged me for always being so optimistic, so idealistic. To me, chasing my dream is the only way I know, for sure, that I will live my best life and be happy. I’m never going to settle for less than I deserve. I don’t believe we are here, on earth, to live a regular mundane life. We’re here to live our best life and fulfil our true desires. Of course, if your dream is to work in a closed-door office 40 hours a week, I am happy for you. I just knew at a very young age that I had more to offer to the world.

Since the official launch of NETSO Media, my social media agency, I have helped entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations to promote their products, services and events using digital media. I have worked on projects that were fun and successful, met people with whom I have developed business relationships and most importantly, I had the opportunity to visit Kenya and Paris in the last year. You can read about my business vacation to Kenya; that day I met President Barack Obama – Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 Kenya – President Barack Obama & President Uluru Kenyatta  and for more pictures #MlleParkerInKenya .

My most recent travel was for the Give 1 Project Leadership Program that took place in Paris from March 9 to 12. An initiative of Thione Niang, a political activist and community leader. Lojiq, an organization that promote the professional and personal development of young adults sponsored 18 Quebecer to participate to take part in the 4-day event. The program is designed to give opportunities for young professionals to build global networks and develop their interpersonal skills. Discussions with business leaders, political experts, congressmen, senators were organized to deepen the knowledge of the participants about culture and politics from a global point of view.

Networking is one of the key components of business growth, just like the famous quote

'' Your network is your net worth '' #UnikLife Click To Tweet

I’ve met amazing people from Quebec, Paris, Atlanta, Washington DC, Mexico and from different countries in Africa.

I have more pictures under this hashtag #MlleParkerInParis.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or not I encourage you to travel and to attend conferences that are of interest to you. You might meet your new client, your new boss or meet someone you admire. I have a list of people I would like to meet and I know that travelling and building my network globally brings me one step closer to that goal.

What’s next? I am travelling to San Diego for the Social Media Marketing World 2016 from April 17 to 20. #SMMW16 is the biggest digital marketing conference for entrepreneurs and marketers. If you are not attending and would like to discover amazing ideas that’ll transform your social media marketing, follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

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