Last July, we had the chance to interview the relationship coach Tony Gaskins in Montreal. He shared  some of his best inspirational advices during his Real Love Tour conference that took place at Hotel Bonaventure. An event organized by Gold Diva Events.

We asked relationship expert Tony Gaskins to share some words of wisdom on the topic with us.

Being single is a great time to prepare for your next relationship. It gives you time to reflect on what you want to give and receive in your ideal partnership. You can think back about your exes and figure out what qualities you’d like to find in your next partner. It’s the time to become the type of person you want to attract. 

Perhaps you are thinking to yourself: “I’m pretty, I have a good job, I’m ambitious… Why am I still single?”

Tony Gaskins ( T.G. ) : A lot of times, single women have an idea of a man, he may be 6 feet tall, he may make a certain amount of money, he may have a certain look, or a certain style […] So the answer is that a lot of the times you don’t want who wants you. But the person who wants you may not be the right height, may not be the right weight, may not have the right job… It’s really small things that don’t matter in the grander scheme of love that blocks us.

You’ve probably heard it hundreds of times before, we don’t attract what we want but what we need. How does that work?

T.G.: If you become Mrs Right you attract Mister Right. [As he mentioned in his book Mrs. Right: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming and Remaining a Wife it’s all about self respect, real love, purity[…] Heal before you deal is the key here. Fix yourself first. Unpack your baggage, don’t go into a relationship expecting a man to work [your] baggage claim. Heal from the daddy wounds, from the mommy wounds. Take time and learn what real love is, what a real relationship is.*

Finally, are you curious to find out how do you prepare to become one of the parts of a greater sum?  

T.G.: The best way is to really understand what you are looking for and why you are looking for it. That’s the breakdown[…] A lot of time what we desire is somebody who will approve us, someone who will make us feel like we are worthy. But it’s not necessarily who we need. What we want isn’t always what we need. And if we understand what we need, we may realize that we are already in that place to attract what we need. It comes down to really knowing yourself and what you want in a relationship and the reason why you want those things.

In the end, it all about knowing yourself, fixing yourself, and understanding your motives. Adjust your lenses and the right partner will come along. Wise words, Mr. Gaskins.

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Are you single ? Share with us, how have you been preparing for the ONE ?

19 thoughts on “Tony Gaskins’s Relationship Advice : How To Prepare For The Right One”

  1. Sounds like a good event with good advice. I am single. I have become more and more focused on what it is I want and need over the years. Part of it is in getting to know yourself better.

  2. I’ve been married 15 years so I don’t remember what it’s like to be single anymore. When it comes to finding love you definitely need to know yourself and not settle just to have someone.

  3. I love the advice in encouraging us to be reflective about the people we have become, how we present ourselves and whether we are kind of missing out because we think we know what we want vs being aware of what we need.

  4. Whew! This post just hit me in the face! There so much truth being stated. I’ve heard a lot about Tony Gaskins. I will check out more of his work. I definitely need to change my lenses to attract to the right partner.

    Thanks for sharing this TRUTH [bomb].

  5. I am not single, but this is a great post. I have been married a couple of years now… I think women are conditioned to believe that must “prepare” for a mate or “prepare” for a relationship When actually they should be striving to be the women we want to become… Focusing on yourself is like a man magnet.

  6. My husband and I are celebrating ten years of marriage today. One of the things we talk about is the importance of working on ourselves individually, which has allowed us to grow as a couple over the years. Great tips Tony gave as always!

  7. I am such a huge Tony Gaskin fan! He has such immense wisdom about relationships and he is so young! I am a follower of his and I love what he said about unpacking your backage before your next relationship because everyone doesnt work at baggage claim!

  8. I definitely agree that you need to prep yourself first and heal from any hurt and let go any baggage because bringing that into the next relationship will only cause problems. Since I am newly single, I am focusing on working out and bettering my relationship with God

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