One of the most influential African-American men in history, Malcolm X, would have been 90-years-old today. He was born on May 19, 1925, in Omaha. Click Here for a full bio.

I remember, I was 18 years old, in Haiti on a  2 weeks family vacation. One day after breakfast, I picked up a book The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told To Alex Haley. Let me tell you, I was so fascinated by Malcolm X’s life story that I read the book ‘ in 2 days. To me, Malcolm X was a smart man, his intellect opened doors to change. He left a mark and his name will forever remain in history.

It is important that his legacy is shared in a positive way.His story should be used to promote his ideals and to influence the next generation through music, films, books, theatre, exhibits and more.

Here are 5 of my favorite Malcolm X quotes


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