Setbacks are part of life. You’re going to get knockdown. People are going to disappoint you, make you feel angry or sad. You can’t changed that, and do anything about it. It’s the normal course of life.These experiences make you grow. They help you become a better version of yourself. I am grateful for my blessings and for my setbacks, I have grown so much learning from them. My life lessons, really helped built my character and my identity.

What do you do when you get knocked down?

For a day or too, you are upset and you can’t let go of your emotions. It’s OK. Take that time to heal and deal with the situation. Here is the secret, don’t take more than a few days to go over a knockdown. Leaders can recover easily after couple of hours.

You have control of reducing your recovery time from that breakdown. You will experience that same feeling over and over again in your life. Imagine if every time someone leaves you, says no, let you down, you get so upset for weeks. You would waste so much energy on something you had no control over. And think about the beautiful thing you could have experienced by being fully present and in control of your emotions.

You are controlling your feelings and not suppressing them. You are experiencing the pain while not focusing on it too much or at all ; in a way that does not control your mind, body and soul.

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When Life Knocks You Down

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