The majority of us spend our entire day in a race against the clock, juggling three different tasks at once, in order to fulfil our everyday responsibilities. This can make finding time for yourself on a regular basis, feel like an unattainable luxury. However by finding those precious few hours a week for some peaceful ‘me time’, your mood, health and overall life will instantly improve dramatically. As little as fifteen minutes a day spending time doing something which you find either relaxing or enjoyable will help reduce stress levels, and in turn will also improve both your mental and physical health.There is a common misconception associated with people who set aside some undisturbed time to indulge in an activity they enjoy. To many people, particularly parents of young children, it can feel like a selfish act which leaves them feeling guilty rather than tranquil. However, in order give the special people in your life the attention, love and support they need, you must first be relaxed, happy and in a positive mindset of your own. Otherwise your stressed, tired and depressed energy will project to those around you, causing a destructive cycle which will be challenging to break.

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So although it’s not possible to stop time, or somehow make the day longer, there are things you can do to make finding that time for yourself a little bit easier. A hardcopy day planner or even a cell phone equivalent, will help you organise and prioritise your time more efficiently, making it easier to set aside 15-30 minutes of spare time. A day planner will also physically show you how much of your time you dedicate to others, and will therefore erase any feelings of guilt the next time you take some time for yourself.

If you find your calendar is overflowing with errands, jobs, favours and events, because you’re one of the many people who finds ‘saying no’ almost impossible, then now is the time to learn. Yes socialising and having a dedication to your career are vital components to a happy life. However, by saying ‘no’ to just one or two of these invitations a month, will make finding the time to revive and rejuvenate yourself much easier.

So start giving yourself the love, attention and time you need to improve your own well-being, perspective and happiness. The affects these changes will have on your life will not only be beneficial to you, but also to those around you. This precious ‘me time’ will bring balance back to your life and revitalise your mind, so can take on the rest of your day and responsibilities with a spring in your step.

How Do You Make More Time For Yourself ?

21 thoughts on “Why you Should Make More Time for Yourself”

  1. There is nothing like pen and paper and a half hour to oneself to help create or solidify a personal plan of action. I believe it is so necessary in order to be effective.

  2. I have made me time a priority this year. Still working on it but I do get at least 15 minutes each morning to just breath. Definitely important.

  3. You know I’m loving this post! Finding time for yourself is so critical for our happiness and well-being. It’s our obligation to ourselves and our families, so we can be the best we possibly can be. Thanks so much for spreading the word on this very important subject 😉

  4. It is so important to get time yourself. I know I need it. I can’t have folks bothering me all the time with no break or working all the time with out doing something I like to do.

  5. It’s so important for us to put ourselves first and make time to ourselves. Treat and love ourselves. I love your point that if we never have time that it may just be that we need to start saying “no” That’s spot on.

  6. I love this! If I didn’t take time for myself, I would go crazy. I usually like to spend my “me” time reading, writing or watching Netflix. If I lived near a beach, I would definitely spend a lot of alone time there.

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