You should always be around winners. If you take a flick through any of the hundreds of self-help or career building books littering the shelves of every bookstore today, you will most likely come across a chapter based on the idea that ‘to be successful, you must first surround yourself with winners’. For the majority of us our main goal in life is to live a long, happy and successful life. However, there are many individuals who are very content with drifting through life, and continuously avoiding any level of responsibility. Unknowingly these people can drain your mood; perspective and determination with their negative energy, which if ignored will eventually compromise your goals, dreams and longing for success.You should always be around winners. Click To Tweet

We naturally associate success with fame, fortune and luxury processions, yet the term ‘successful’ actually applies to a vast array of different lifestyles and achievements. Each of us has our own dreams, goals and aspirations, whether it be traveling, starting your own business or moving abroad. It is the steps we take and the amount we strive to achieve those dreams, that determines how successful we become.

The first of these steps, should be removing those negative individuals from your life. Sometime recognizing these people within your group of friends can be a challenge, due to the bonds that have naturally been built over years of friendship. If however, a person does not contribute to your personal growth, support you during times of need or spends the majority of their time complaining, then for your own well-being remove this individual from your life.


People who are unhappy with their own lives, job, apartment but take no action to improve these things, will simply drain you. Unfortunately, in some cases it is impossible to remove these individuals from your life completely, such as close family members. In which case simply limit the time in which you spend with that person and avoid any topics which involve jobs, earnings or luxury possessions.

Instead surround yourself with winners: people who share similar goals or ambitions to yourself and possess the willingness and motivation to better themselves. These people will support you during hard times, push you to achieve more and will project a positive energy filled with drive and determination. By presenting challenges and by providing a different perspective to your own, they will quickly bring out the best in you.

So take a look and evaluate the people in your life. Are they winners or losers? Do they help make you a better person? Are they trying to make themselves a better person? If they add no value to your life and instead immerse you in a world full of self-pity, then replace those people with individuals who are driven and ambitious, and give yourself the best chance of achieving your dreams.

6 thoughts on “Why You Should Surround Yourself with Winners”

  1. Wow it’s so interesting that this seems to be a common thread/subject that people are talking about. My sister and I just taught our webinar series class last night on the same exact subject. If more people realized how critical it is to get away from the people and things that are negatively weighing you down, there would be a lot more success and happiness. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Distancing yourself from people who bring you down is difficult, but it is a necessary part of life. I am a much better person when I’m not surrounded by negative and mean people. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome piece. Sometimes we need that reminder to evaluate our surroundings. Its not a one time thing, but could be made every season or better yet, important to figure that out when you meet new people. I do not have extra time to give to those who will suck the life out of me. Feed me and I will feed you! n time to be depleted.

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