Today, I am presenting Genevieve Young. A creative serial entrepreneur from Quebec who had the chance to meet Oprah. I met her two years ago at one of her events Dreamclass. This movement is taking all over Quebec. Genevieve and her facilitators are on a mission to create a safe space for people to meet, to connect, to name and to share their dream publicly to accelerate its manifestation. She also has been a member of Women in Film, Television and New Media since 2009 and she is also a member of the Independent Journalists Association of Quebec (AJIQ).

 Geneviève Young

Mlle Parker : Tell us who you are and what you do?

Genevieve Young : Wow, I do so many things. Let’s say that I am an author and a producer. I like to work with humans, I am like a journalist that puts light on humanity.

Mlle Parker : How did your passion and business idea came to light?

Genevieve Young : My path is very complicated. I have done so many things. Every time I would create something and feel a vibration, I would decide to do more of that thing in my life. I studied as a computer programmer, I am very far from that now. I don’t have one specific passion. I always keep in mind that things can change and that I am free to change. I recreate myself everyday.

Mlle Parker : What has been your best experience as an entrepreneur, thus far?

Genevieve Young : I have so many experiences. Creating my first business at 19 years old. I just knew that I could succeed. I love being an entrepreneur. Of course, meeting with Oprah was an extraordinary experience.

Geneviève Young with Oprah

Mlle Parker : What is the best advice you ever received from your mentor?

Genevieve Young : It was from Jacque Salomé. He told me to never focus on the fear, but to focus on the desire behind the fear. So now, every time I fear something, I ask myself what is my biggest desire.

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Mlle Parker : What are your daily rituals ? 

Genevieve Young : I meditate every day. I started meditating in 1998. I also like to jog for 20 min a day. It helps me to breath deeply and be more energetic.

Mlle Parker : What are you working on now ?

Genevieve Young : I wrote my first book in English, Constellation of Synchronicities. When I met Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant in Chicago couple years ago I realized that everything in life is synchronized and it has been so, for the past 13 years in my life. The book is a collection of short stories about my life that every one can connect to. And it invites people to focus on the synchronicity they have in their lives. Other than that, I also travel a lot for business and I have other projects coming up soon. Also, I am working on my sixth book.

Mlle Parker : Can you share some tips on how to generate an income when you have a new business idea ?

Genevieve Young : I make a plan and I am very creative. I build partnerships with other entrepreneurs and see how I can serve them first. For example, with my production company, I offer publicity.

Mlle Parker : What is one ambition you see for yourself ?

Genevieve Young : I don’t have a specific goal. My ambition is to always feel at my best, t0 have fun, to move forward and to bring something to others.

To learn more about Genevieve Young and her upcoming projects :  Genevieve Young

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