The more I get older, the more my circle of friends become smaller. Are you experiencing this too?

I don’t know what it is but when you are younger, you seek friendship for some odd reason but as you mature in life, things just change. So, is the statement “You can never have too many friends” true?

In my opinion, I think it is false.

I think it should be adjusted to: “You can never have too many quality friends

By quality, I am not counting acquaintances or the one person that helped you once when you had a personal issue.
It is very hard to find genuine, humble people these days unfortunately. But the good ones are around.

I believe that in order to attract these quality friends it is super important that one should act and therefore project what it is that they would want someone else to be to them as a friend.

Be Kind, Give Back, Listen, Support, Love and don’t judge and you will receive the same in return.

Friends are supposed to be an added value to your life.  Not a burden, not a gossip sponge about your life or a spectator.

Take a moment to go through your Facebook, your cell phone contacts, your Instagram and all other social networks.  Scan through the names and ask yourself is this person a quality friend and I have their number and can totally reach out for anything at any time? or this person an acquaintance, someone I knew once in my life that is just “watching” me as an entertainment?

Don’t feel any type of way if you realize that your circle of friends is actually not what you thought it would be at the end of the day.

Too many friends may not always be the answer.  Too many quality friends definitely is.

Would you agree?

9 thoughts on “You Can Never Have Too Many Friends”

  1. I learned strait out of high school who my true friends were. From then on I was careful who I let in so much and now I have a handful of people I consider true friends. Great post! It’s good to be reminded about this every once in a while.

  2. I love my friends. I can depend on them no matter what I have going on. I’d rather have a few friends than countless. I’m a very guarded person so I prefer my circle to be small.

  3. I totally agree that You can never have too many friends, Yet I also know that as I grow older my friends circle is getting more choosy is the word maybe. somehow I have learnt to sieve the Tyre kickers form my life and only keep quality friends…making my list tight!

  4. My friendships are relationships I truly value. I am learning to appreciate my intimate circle more and enjoy loving the people who also love me. I used to be envious of acquaintances who had large friend circles and where I think that is awesome, as I have matured I have become more accepting of losing “friends” who are not adding value in my life.

    Thanks for this reminder to be grateful for the amazing relationships I have that enrich and fulfill me regardless of the number.

  5. I am big on having friends. However, I believe in the inner-circle. And I believe it does not matter how many people are in the inner-circle as long as it’s filled with loyal people that you can trust. Friendships are important, thanks for sharing your take.

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